"School for Families"

A fundamental activity for the project is the «SCHOOL FOR FAMILIES. The task of being a parent surpasses any other known activity in terms of relevance, time, effort and dedication. However, despite its importance, there is no formal training that prepares parents for such a challenge. For this reason, we propose a family training school, aimed at all those families related to the project locations and have their children in the schools of those cities

Content in "School for families"


We consider as fundamental a series of key synergies in the project

The key is to carry out the course «SCHOOLS FOR FAMILIES» where for a few days, the four synergies mentioned above, will coincide and this is the key to adding in small way, to the creation of safe towns and cities and with values such as promoting of the European spirit

Projets Partners

Most importantly is the synergy between the project partners, ensured by the experience of working together in Europe

Partners / Institutions

The second would be the synergy between each partner and the collaborating institutions, that is, with representatives of the parents. This synergy is key to achieving all the objectives of the project

Partners / School

The third key synergy is the relationship between each partner with schools in their area

Partners / Municipal Managers

The fourth synergy is the relationship of the partners with the municipal managers, because if the participation of the families and their relationship with schools, does not result in a legally recognised structure of citizen participation, such as the sector councils, the sustainability of the project would be jeopardized

The Consortium

The consortium is made up of a group of institutions with extensive experience in the field of European projects and Education. The partners from Cumbria (United Kingdom), Volos (Greece) and the Virgen de los Remedios Association (Spain) have been selected for their experience in previous work in the field of Coexistence. The Etwinning platform has also been used to find new partners who are very concerned about coexistence, such as the Austrian partner, expert in Social Inclusion

The Virgen de los Remedios Neighborhood Association (Spain) is an expert, with its School for Parents and Families. It coordinates a working group with the parents’ associations of the four schools in the town and run a very successful school for parents, with the support of two foundations, MEDIAREN (expert in conflict mediation) and FUNDANEED ( expert in dealing with hyperactive students). The Municipal Youth Council of Villamayor (CASJUVI) will also participate in this project

Cumbria Credit Limits (United Kingdom) is an expert in local government and citizen participation, and oversees educational centers in the Cumbria region, reinforcing its work in those socially disadvantaged rural centers. It is part of the Carlisle Municipal Council

EKPOL (Greece) is an expert in INCLUSION. It is an agency in the Thessaly region whose objective is to successfully overcome social barriers, support disadvantaged groups and promote strategies for social inclusion, cohesion and development. Since its creation, it has implemented joint actions for the equality of human rights. It is one of the consortium institutions that participated in the «Promoting School Safety» program

The Austrian Association is an expert in inclusion: working on inclusive tools for trainers and expert in developing action plans for social inclusion, multicultural and inclusive education. It works on examples of good practice to improve inclusion and mobile tools for learning assessment