Cumbria Credits Limited

Cumbria Credits Limited, Carlisle, United Kingdom is a not‐for‐profit social enterprise company limited by guarantee. CCL promotes community regeneration through adult education. Cumbria CREDITS was set up as part of a round 1 SRB programme and developed over 70 Community Development Centres (CDCs) throughout Cumbria – the second most sparsely populated County in England.


Our main activities

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We have years of experiences in EU Projets


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Grundtvig 2 Partnership GR2/06/32 2006 Cumbria Credits Ltd. European Community Champions


Grundtvig 2 Partnership GR2/07/42R2007 Cumbria Credits Ltd. European Community Champions


Grundtvig 2 Partnership 07GBR01‐ PV01‐00 Cumbria Credits Ltd. Prep visit to Romania


Leonardo Da Vinci Enterprise as Innovation to Create New Work Places at Time of Global Crisis 2010-1-ES1-LEO05-21250

2010 - 2011

SILVER SPANGLISH project coordinated by Spain, which won a Spanish award in their country

2012 - 2014


2017 - 2019

Education for Social Integration (EDSI)

2019 - 2021

Education for Social Integration theory to Practice TP (EDSI-TP)

Experiences in other projets

Cumbria Credits are working with partner organisations, such as Cumbria County Council, Carlisle City Council, Family Action, Riverside Housing and Upperby Community Development Centre who work closely with members of the local community, unemployed with little or no skills, migrant and newcomer communities and people with social and urban deprivation

Cumbria Credits have been partners in many projects over the last 15 years, which have included a silver surfer programme that won an award in Spain. We wrote and co-ordinated a project about working with countries teaching English to foreign people in order to assist on their integration, as linguistic factor is essential for this. We have also been part of a project looking at education and training in different countries whose regions have a high percentage of migration

Cumbria Credits took a lead role in all the programmes we were part of including developing and delivering workshops for developing specific basic emotionally intelligent competencies. These competencies were, developed in order to empower those social groups who find difficulties in integrating: team building, dealing with conflict, group dynamics and communication

Cumbria Credits Limited, due to its geographic situation does not have as much experience as the other partners when it comes to working directly with migrants, however they do have so much expertise at developing strategies for assisting low-skilled groups in empowering them in order to achieve a better integration. In addition, Cumbria Credits approaches and works daily with students from nurseries to the elderly – focusing specially working with adults. A current migrant wave is happening in Cumbria and is acknowledged that this will increase in the next few years.

The Latest project we are involved in, Education for Deeper Social Integration EDSI TP– Theory to Practice. This project has just started in January ‘20 and is about working with migrants and helping them settle into each country using our knowledge and experiences from the previous project (EDSI) which we are now putting into practice.